UN and 2250

The resolution asks the Secretary General to implement a research, a Progress Study on the positive role of young people in peace processes and solving conflicts. The results of the progress study will be presented to the UN member states once the study is finished at the beginning of 2018. The study is conducted independently from the UN system and the process is in many ways inclusive of youth. Young people around the world are given the chance to participate in the study by sharing their own ideas on the themes of the resolution through vast consultations and specified group discussions. As a part of the progress study a report on taking the resolution forward will be presented to the international community. The country specific studies in combination with thematic articles gives proof on the participation of young people in formal and informal peace processes. In addition the study will change the negative stereotypes that are often linked to young people by concentrating on bringing the voice of young people forward, their activity and leadership in building lasting peace.

The study has several partners from the civil society field, such as the Church’s Foreign aid from Finland. In addition to organization the way forward of the study is steered by an expert group, which consists of 21 researcher and young leaders from around the world. There is also a Finnish member in the group, Matilda Flemming. The written work of the study is lead by the leader of the  organization Interpeace Graeme Simpson, who has over 25 years of experience working with peacebuilding processes.