Nordic examples

The Norwegian national youth council (Landsrådet for Norges barne- og ungdomsorganisasjoner, LNU) has written a report on the background of the 2250-resolution as well as the peace work of young people. The LNU report (“On the Frontline: Youth, Peace and Security”) gives examples of current peace work and gives recommendations to Norway and the Nordics on how to implement the resolution. LNU has like Finland gathered a national 2250-network consisting of youth and civil society organizations.

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On the Frontline: Youth, Peace and Security


The Danish parliament approved a new development policy strategy at the beginning of 2017 which puts young people as one of the key focus points in Danish development policy. The report that accompanies the strategy gives Denmark 19 concrete recommendations on involving youth in development policy implementation and peace work. The Danish report is one of the best examples of acknowledging youth in development, peace work and foreign policy.

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